Sunday, August 31, 2008

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You can earn THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS monthly ... for FREE !!! No hype, this is real, a groundfloor opportunity ... A new Social Network that pays you $6 per FREE sign-up on your first level. Still in pre-launch, but has started paying in August (for July income) ... If you don't want to miss this golden opportunity to create Passive Residual Income for years to come, read on and take action ...

6dgr is a new Social Networking site that pays you to create a profile and invite friends.

You get paid 3 ways :

1. for sign-ups (direct and indirect) up to 3 levels / degrees
2. when these people use their debit card for the first time
3. a residual monthly income on your network’s spendings

For sign-ups, you get paid 3 levels deep :

1st level $4 per sign-up
2nd level $3 per sign-up
3rd level $2 per sign-up

For activation / first time uses of debit cards by your network, you’ll be paid :

1st level $2 per referral
2nd level $1 per referral
3rd level $1 per referral

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Potential earnings with 6dgr - you can earn $3,460 in cash - assuming that you sign up 10 people and these 10 people do the same and their friends do the same ... you will have 1,110 people in your direct network (3 degrees deep). If you invite more friends and 20 sign up and each of them do the same, you'll earn $25,720 !! The growth is exponential and so are your earnings !

But these are not all ! These earnings will be credited to 6dgr debit MasterCards and when all the people in your network spend their FREE MONEY every month, you'll receive a percentage of the whole network's spendings. That could amount to $700 or $1,500 or $3,000 of RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME for you ! And all these for just creating a profile and inviting some friends to do the same.

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You will be shipped a FREE 6dgr debit MasterCard that has NO FEES and is branded with the sleek 6dgr logo, OR you can direct your 6dgr earnings to your online checking account so you can pay your bills online.

Please note: Currently only USA residents can sign up for the debit cards. Non USA residents can register now and open their bank accounts / receive free debit cards in a few weeks when the promotion goes worldwide. A special link will be provided for those outside the USA in a few weeks. For now, anybody can register and build their referrals. International accounts will be credited later.

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Friends, you'd be crazy not to join us NOW. This is still in PRE-LAUNCH and the potential to tap the market is unlimited !

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